Tonberrys are a race of humanoid lizard-folk that live in underground caverns. They tend to avoid confrontation if they can, however Tonberrys will take up the mantle if their family and friends are in grave danger.

Tonberrys are quite short creatures with either dark green or placid blue skin. They have bright golden eyes and they have no body hair or any other outstanding features. Their appearance looks like that of a frog that walks on two legs, be it very slowly.


To be a member of a race that prefers to attack within the shadows.

To play as a cunning and sneaky hero.

To be a member of race that favours the Assassin and Rogue classes.


Tonberrys have the following race traits.

Ability Modifiers: Your Constitution and Intelligence scores increase by 1 each.

Darkvision: Tonberrys ignore concealment (including total concealment) from darkness. However, they cannot perceive colours in total darkness.

Small: As Small-sized creatures, Tonberrys gain a +2 size bonus on all Stealth checks and gain a +2 bonus to their Reflex Defence, but their lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters that of Medium-size characters.

Speed: Tonberry Base Speed is 2 squares.

Everyone’s Grudge: Once per encounter, Tonberrys can designate a single enemy target. The Tonberry increases its weapon damage number against the designated target by 1 for each ally still participating in battle. For example, if the Tonberry has three allies remaining on the battlefield, it receives a +3 increase to all weapon damage numbers for weapons used against the designated target until the end of the encounter. The Tonberry cannot change the designated target once it has been selected.

Iron Will: Tonberrys receive a +3 race bonus to their Will Defence.

Languages: Tonberrys can read Basic and speak Krael and Basic.