The Cetra were the first race to appear on the planet; never settling, always on the move, to find their promised land, a land of extreme happiness. When a calamity from the skies fell to the planet, humans and other races went into hiding, but the Cetra fought against it; greatly reducing their number in the process.

During the time of Final Fantasy VII, Aerith Gainsborough was the only known Cetra left, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more in the world; either unaware of their gifts or keeping them a closely guarded secret.

Other than their rare ability to talk to the planet, and their gift of healing magic, Cetra look and talk like any other Human. It is because of this that they can easily disguise their identities and blend in with the world at large.


To be a hero that is highly attuned of their surroundings.

To be a member of a near-extinct race on the Planet.

To be able to excel at any class you choose.


Cetras have the following race traits

Ability Modifiers: Your Wisdom and Charisma scores increase by 2 each.

Medium-Size: As Medium-sized creatures, Cetra have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Speed: Cetra base speed is 6 squares.

Planetary Whisper: A Cetra has the unique ability to commune with the planet; seeking its wisdom and advice when trouble is amassing. The Cetra can make a Perception check to talk to the planet (DC 20) and find out future information. The information can be cryptic or clear, understandable or ambiguous (left at the GMs discretion). If the check fails, nothing happens. On a successful check, the Cetra communes with the planet and receives information normally unavailable to them (depending on how noisy the area is when the Cetra makes the Perception check, the GM can install a penalty to the check to account for the Cetra not being able to hear properly).

If the information is too difficult for the Cetra to make out, the Cetra can choose to make another Perception check straight away to make the information more clearly understandable, but in doing so results in a -5 penalty to the check.

The Cetra can use this ability a number of times per day equal to their Charisma modifier.

Lifestream Attuned: Due to their close heritage with the lifestream, the Spellcasting skill is considered a class skill to the Cetra.

Languages: Cetras can read/write and speak Ancient and Basic.